T.H.E. University Rankings 2024 — The Times are Changing!

Top Asian universities are given more recognition

Russell Lim
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The Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for 2024 were published on September 27, 2023.

To me the THE Rankings (no that’s not a typo 😅) are the most rigorous of the popular university ranking systems, because they consider a broader range of relevant ranking metrics compared to QS or ARWU.

I’ll discuss the ranking methodology further below (as well as the updates for the 2024 methodology). But first, here is the chart showing the top 50 ranked institutions.

Chart by author

Major changes

Within the top 5, Stanford and MIT rose 1 and 2 spots respectively since 2023, while Cambridge and Harvard fell 1 and 2 spots.
Oxford remains on top.

But the most noticeable change here is the rise of the top Asian universities, particularly Chinese universities.

There are now 8 Asian universities in the top 50, and most of them have significantly increased in ranking since 2023.

#12. Tsinghua University (China) (#16 in 2023)
#14. Peking University (China) (#17 in 2023)
#19. National University of Singapore (#19 in 2023)
#29. University of Tokyo (Japan) (#39 in 2023)
#32. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (#36 in 2023)
#35. University of Hong Kong (China) (#45 in 2023)
#43. Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) (#52 in 2023)
#44. Fudan University (China) (#53 in 2023)

These changes are mainly due to a methodology update, which adjusts the way the Research metrics are calculated. This partially addresses some bias I flagged in my article about the 2023 rankings, so I’m glad to see more recognition now for these top Asian universities.



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